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SeedMe Live: Your Results from Disk to Device
Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong and Michael Norman
CI Practitioner: Filling Gaps in Student Preparation for Cyberinfrastructure-Focused Careers
Galen Collier, Amy Apon, J. Barr von Oehsen and James Pepin
The ACI-REF Program: Empowering Prospective Computational Researchers
Galen Collier, Wim Cardoen, Martin Cuma, Robert Freeman, Aaron Kitzmiller, Lauren Michael, Ken-Ichi Nomura, Anita Orendt and Lori Tanner
Campus Champion Fellow Project: Density-Functional Tight-Binding Simulations of Nanomaterials
Shawn Duan
Bio-inspired resin acid-derived materials as anti-bacterial resistance agents with unexpected activities
Jerry Ebalunode and Chuanbing Tang
Fast Molecular Shape Similarity Searching on the Intel Xeon Phi
Jerry Ebalunode and Weifan Zheng
Next Generation Resequencing of Soybean Germplasm for Trait Discovery on XSEDE using Pegasus Workflows and iPlant Infrastructure
Trupti Joshi, Babu Valliyodan, Saad Khan, Yang Liu, Joao Maldonado Dos Santos, Jeuxin Wang, Dong Xu, Henry Nguyen, Nirav Merchant, Nicole Hopkins and Mats Rynge
Evaluating CIPRES Science Gateway Integration Options with Apache Airavata
Don Kushan Wijeratne, Mark Miller, Terri Schwartz, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce
Determining the microbial distribution of geocoded soil samples from sites in Iceland by 16S rRNA metagenomic analysis using Mothur on XSEDE computational resources: Science in the field on a glacier
Charles Peck, Kristin Muterspaw, Ruth Lewis, Anna Plotkin-Swing and Deeksha Srinath
The International Brain and Behavior Consortium Genomics Gateway
David Rhee, Kevin Shieh, Pilib Ó Broin, Raquel Gur and Aaron Golden
ECSS Workflows – An Overview and Update
Mats Rynge, Marlon Pierce and Suresh Marru
Introducing MPI in Diverse Curricula
Steve Spicklemire
Pegasus WMS: Enabling Large Scale Workflows on National Cyberinfrastructure
Karan Vahi, Ewa Deelman, Gideon Juve, Mats Rynge, Rajiv Mayani and Rafael Silva
On Comparison of R performance with hardware enabled parallelism
Hui Zhang, Weijia Xu, Huian Li, Yaakoub Khamra, Naill Gaffney and Eric Wernert
Community Earth System Model Gateway
Pengxuan Zheng, Raminder Singh and Christopher Thompson

Graduate Student Posters

Tool Development for early Automatic Breast Cancer Detection in Mammograms through MATLAB as a Computing Environment
Shahrukh Barbar, Thomas Hahn and Rabail Zehra
Parallel Multiscale Modeling of Transportation Accidents Involving Explosives
Jacqueline Beckvermit, Todd Harman, Andrew Bezdjian, Qingyu Meng, Martin Berzins and Charles Wight
OSDC BigDataBus: Towards an Unified Architecture for Scientific Data Aggregation
Pedro Bello-Maldonado, Ana Oprescu, Paola Grosso, Heidi Alvarez and Indira Gutierrez
Scaling Next Generation Sequencing Assembly for Very Large Datasets using the XSEDE Resource Blacklight 
Matthew Brian Couger, Rolf Prade, Fabio Squaina and Phil Blood
Transcriptome Analysis of the Guinea Fowl (Numida meleagris)
Carl Darris, Samuel Nahashon and Alex Ropelewski
Topology Control for Load Shed Recovery 
Adolfo Escobedo, Erick Moreno-Centeno and Kory Hedman
Apache Airavata Application Factory
Lahiru Gunathilake, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce
Biomedical text mining using large-scale distributed machine learning algorithms
Thomas Hahn, Prasanna Balakrishnan, Neha Gupta and Dr. Richard Segall
Graphical multiple sequence alignment tool
Thomas Hahn, Emre Ermişoğlu and Recep Avci
Modeling 3D Cell Migration
Xiuxiu He, Kristin Riching, Byoungkoo Lee, Patricia Keely, Kevin Eliceiri, Alissa Weaver and Yi Jiang
Diffusion behaviors in non-uniform suspensions of red blood cells and platelets in channel flow
Jane Kang, David Rosen and Cyrus Aidun
Forest Fire Detection Using GPU Implementation
Angusundaresh Krishnakumar and Gowtham Manoharan Gandhimathi
Performance Evaluation of the General Equation and Mesh Solver (GEMS)
Lalithambika Krishnakumar, Swanand V. Sardeshmukh and Veronica G. Vergara Larrea
Improved understanding earthquake triggering from systematic detection of missing earthquakes in California
Xiaofeng Meng, Xiao Yu, Zhigang Peng and Bo Hong
De Novo Assembly for Lucina pectinata whole genome
Ingrid Montes-Rodríguez, Alexander Ropeleweski, Hugh Nicholas, Ricardo González-Méndez, Carmen Cadilla-Vazquez and Juan López-Garriga
Online monitoring of HPC resources using decentralized clustering
Alejandro Pelaez, Manish Parashar, James Browne, Andres Quiroz and Edward Chuah
Next Generation Bioinformatics Tools on Next Generation Hybrid Architectures
Eduardo Ponce, Bhanu Rekepalli and Gregory D. Peterson
ECSS Experience: Preparing a Production MPI Code for Hybrid Execution
Wentao Zhang, Daniel Bodony, John Larson and Lucas Wilson
Computational Design of Self-assembling Peptides
Huixi Zhang, Kenneth Koehler, Darrin Pochan and Jeffery Saven

Undergraduate Student Posters

Critical Density Needed for a Deflagration to Detonation Transition
Andrew Bezdjian, Jacqueline Beckvermit, Dr. Todd Harman, Dr. Charles Wight and Dr. Martin Berzins
Learning Parallel Programing through a Tool for Interactive Parallelization
Madhav Gupta and Ritu Arora
Search of Genetic Signaling Pathway with the Traveling Salesman Problem
Enery Lorenzo, Mauricio Cabrera-Rios, Alexander Ropelewski and Clara Isaza
Reconstructing History
Joseph Mcdavid and Vetria Byrd
Testing Different Strategies for Large Experimental Designs
Hecny Perez, Yaileen Méndez, Kasandra Ramírez and Mauricio Cabrera
Climate Changes
Taraen Taylor and Miah Adel
Expanding the Interoperable Executive Library for Stochastic Communication via Distributed Tuple Space
David White and Kwai Wong

Special Program Graduate Student Posters

Performance Optimization of Multiscale QM/MM Software for Complex Chemical Systems
Pedro Bello-Maldonado and Andreas Goetz
Video Camera Dead-Pixel Monitoring for NASA High Definition Earth Viewing Mission
Anshuka Charkal
GPU/Xeon Phi Accelerator Optimization of Convection/Geodynamo Simulation Code
Omeiza Olumoye, Eric Heien, Hiroaki Matsui and Louise Kellogg
A concurrent Binary Search Tree for Intel Xeon Phi
Arunmoezhi Ramachandran, Neeraj Mittal and Jerome Vienne
Optimizing the General Equation Mesh Solver (GEMS) for the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor
Harsh Shah, Swanand Sardeshmukh and Verónica Vergara Larrea
Parallel Image Skeletonization Design & Implementation
Tarun Sharma

Special Program Undergraduate Student Posters

Expressing Sustainability within the Web-Based Multiplayer Game Naranpur Online
Michael Bosch, Stephen Moysey, Catherine Mobley and D. Matthew Boyer
Visualizing & Modeling Multi-Attributed Data to Highlight Scientific Uncertainty in Common Pool Resource Problems Using Groundwater Case Study Data
Dominic Brooks, Arnold Eatmon and Susanne Pierce
Visualizing the Properties of Carbon-based Molecules
Cameron Collins and Steven Stuart
High-Throughput Computational Screening of Nanoparticles for Chemical Catalysis
Benjamin Corona
Fly-Through Visualization through Porous Media Microstructure 
Brittney Crockett, Joyce Rigelo and Masa Prodanovic
Quad-Core Computer System Proof-of-Concept for Cubesat
Daniel Cuevas-Vázquez
Light Visualization in the Dominican Rainforest
Saara Dewalt, Kalan Ickes, Colleen Burns and Vetria Byrd
Virtualizing the Real-World for Environmental Education using the Oculus Rift
Luther Fant, Stephen Moysey, Matthew Boyer and Vetria Byrd
Interactive Rights: The Development of Next-Generation Educational Museum Exhibits
Janette Garcia and Alejandro Rangel
BigData with Hadoop, Spark, and ML
Angela Liu
Quantitative Biomarker Analysis of MRI Images of Stroke Patients
Jamila Martin, Matt Cowperthwaite, James Carson, Matthew Vaughn and Steve Warach
QRing – A scalable parallel software tool for quantum transport simulations in carbon nanoring devices based on NEGF formalism and a parallel C++ / MPI / PETSc algorithm
Benjamin Prather and Mark Jack
Graph Analytics with Big Data
Ticha Sethapakdi
Visualization to Enhance Rare Event Simulations of Ice Nucleation
Tyler Slonecki, Ryan Defever, Brittany Glatz, Joshua Levine and Sapna Sarupria
High Performance Simulated Spectral Imaging
Mallory Tackett and Paul Rulis