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1. Posters

Asteroseismic Modeling Portal Science Gateway

Haiying Xu, Travis S. Metcalfe and Don Middleton

Computationally Efficient Multiscale Simulations of Molecular Systems

Aram Davtyan, John Grime, Yuxing Peng and Gregory Voth

Direct Numerical Simulation and Analysis of Compressible and Incompressible Turbulence

Raminderjeet Singh, Marlon Pierce, Agustin Magui and Diego Donzis

GridChem Gateway File Transfer Enhancements using Globus

Sudhakar Pamidighantam, Stuart Martin and Eric Blau

HydratiCA: A Parallelized Numeric Model of Cement Hydration

John Hagedorn, Jeffrey Bullard, Romain Desaymons, Wesley Griffin, Judith Terrill, Tyler Ley,...

Multiple Atlas LDDMM for Brain Image Parcellation in the Computational Anatomy Gateway

Ting Ma, Can Ceritoglu, Xiaoying Tang, Dan Wu, Anthony Kolasny, Susumu Mori and Michael Miller...

Next Generation Resequencing of Soybean Germplasm for Trait Discovery on XSEDE using iPlant Infrastructure and Pegasus Workflows

Yang Liu, Saad Khan, Juexin Wang, Mats Rynge, Shiyuan Chen, Jiaojiao Wang, Joao V. Maldonado...

Peer Comparison of XSEDE Publication Data

Gregor von Laszewski and Fugang Wang

Pegasus WMS: Enabling Large Scale Workflows on National Cyberinfrastructure

Karan Vahi, Ewa Deelman, Gideon Juve, Mats Rynge, Rajiv Mayani and Rafael Ferreira Da Silva ...

Performance Optimization of Big Data Analytics

Nitin Sukhija, Alessandro Morari and Ioana Banicescu

Project Infrastructure and Seeding for the NIST Digital Repository of Mathematical Formulae

Howard Cohl, Moritz Schubotz, Marjorie A. McClain, Bonita V. Saunders, Cherry Y. Zou and Azeem...

Science Gateway Admin Dashboard

Eroma Abeysinghe, Suresh Marru, Sudhakar Pamidighantam and Marlon Pierce

Science Gateways and Data: A Large Scale Survey of Community Use and Need

Katherine Lawrence, Michael Zentner, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Julie Wernert, Marlon Pierce, Suresh...

SeedMe: A Cyberinfrastructure for Sharing Results

Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong, David Nadeau and Michael Norman

Using LittleFe for "Big" Data Education: An Experience Report with GHCN

David Monismith, Abburi Bala Venkata Paneendra, Achyuth Chaitanya Chitumalla, Santhosh Reddy...

WebSLAM - Providing a Science Gateway to Existing Simulations of Galaxy Cluster Mergers

Marios Chatzikos, Don Middleton, Eric Nienhouse, Haiying Xu and Nathan Hook

XSEDE Text Analytics Gateway

Michael Black and Drew Schmidt

2. Graduate Student Posters

Allosteric activation of pyruvate kinase M2 by covalent activator MCL

Kenneth Huang, Chunli Yan, Keqin Kathy Li, Ivaylo Ivanov and Peng George Wang

Comparative De novo Transcriptome Assemblies for Pacific Whiteleg Shrimp Empowered by XSEDE Resources

Hyundoo Jeong, Osama Arshad, Noushin Ghaffari, John Thiltges, Philip Blood, Michael...

Early stages of apomyoglobin folding

Asghar Razavi, Vincent Voelz and Heinrich Roder

Exploring Dynamic Memory Allocation for Big Data Applications

Natasha Pavlovikj, Nitya Kovur, David Swanson and Jitender S. Deogun

GPU Acceleration on the Stampede Cluster for the Computational Anatomy Gateway

Daniel Tward, Anthony Kolasny, Nicolas Charon, Michael Miller and Laurent Younes

How Adhesion Regulates Cell Migration Plasticity: A Computational Study

Xiuxiu He, Bong Hwan Sung, Kristin Riching, Patricia Keely, Kevin Eliceiri, Alissa Weaver and...

Identification of antimicrobial peptides from soy protein

Ning Xiang, Yuan Lyu, Arun Bhunia and Ganesan Narsimhan

Scalable Job Management using Work Queues

Shameera Rathnayaka, Lahiru Gunathilake, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce

Teaching CS via CodeBoard

Hongmei Chi and Tapiwa Maruni

Vineyard Site Assessment and Simulation of Grape Varieties in the Eastern U.S.

Peter Radics, Peter Sforza, Brian Farrell, Joseph Newman, Nicholas Polys, Azam Mosaavi,...

3. Undergraduate Student Posters

3D visualization of soil data for seismic hazard analysis

Janet Mendoza, Qiushi Chen and Ronald Andrus

3DDY: A geospatial data pipeline for interactive web and 3D printing applications

Mercy Grace Browder, C. Jordan Ray, John Gentle, Suzanne A. Pierce

A workflow management system for the openDIEL

Nicholas Moran, Kwai Wong and Jason Coan

Agent-based Simulation of C. Elegans Embryogenesis at Cellular Resolution

Benjamin Ramsey, Kwai Wong, Dali Wang and Zhirong Bao

Creating the Clemson Experience

Joseph James, Jeff Kallin and Johnathan Gantt

Digital Wrangling and Visualization for Correspondence Projects

Frank Elavsky, Gabriel Hankins and Jill Gemmill

Experiences Using XSEDE Resources for Scalable Rare Event Simulation

Walter Hanger, Sapna Sarupria, Ryan Defever, Amy Apon and Linh Ngo

Fly-through visualizations of porous materials

Gloria Zavala, Joyce Rigelo and Maša Prodanović

Heterogeneous Layered Clusters Irradiated by an Ultra-Intense Resonant X-ray Laser

Zachary Hartwick, Kasey Barrington, Derek Waterson and Edward Ackad

Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment

Mark Smith, Dustin Davis, Emily McLinden, Karl Gebhardt

Image comparison

Rida Syeda, Ritu Aurora

Modeling Cardiac Electrophysiology

Jacob Pollack, Kwai Wong and Xiaopeng Zhao

New Results on the Implosion of Hollow-Clusters Irradiated by Ultra-Intense X-ray Lasers

Kasey Barrington, Zachary Hartwick, Derek Waterson and Edward Ackad

Using Mathematica as a tool for global alignment of sequences

Carmen Wright, Bentrell McGee, Paris Smith, Elijah Thompson, Alexander Reed, Comelia Walker,...

4. High School Student Posters